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Oceana has proved her star-status with the latest show she did- the Opening Ceremony for the 24th Handball World Championship in Qatar. For this event she also recorded the official anthem “Live it” in Paris with 24 other artists from around the world!
With her song “Endless Summer”, the official UEFA Football Championship hymn of 2012, she succeeded as number one not only in Poland and Ukraine and was top 5 in Germany as well.
With her debut single “cry cry” she instantly became a star in many countries such as Greece, France, Spain, Romania and Hungary.

She also received a gold plaque in Germany and was the opening act of Lionel Richie with his tour in Germany.
With each of her singles OCEANA shows how easily she breaks through style boundaries. When you see her life story, it becomes clear why the young artist’s appeal crosses all borders. She was born in Rissen, near Hamburg, the daughter of a German fashion designer who lived in Paris and New York for many years. Her father is a Frenchman of Caribbean origin who worked as a DJ and musician in Boston. She grew up in both the USA and Hamburg. This multi-talented artist worked as a dance choreographer with the bands Seeed and Fettes Brot, was a TV presenter and acted some films, too.

OCEANA’s songs reflect the desire to break free that one can see in her own life. This cosmopolitan lady is as self-confident and tough as her voice, the central element of her music – regardless of whether it flirts with soul, pop, R’n’B, jazz, funk or reggae. She can appear happy and world-embracing, as in „Endless Summer“, but she can also strike a warning, sad note, as in „Put Your Gun Down“, a highlight of her current album.

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