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When exactly she decided to dedicate her life to music, is impossible to say: she grew up with different influences – from Michael Jackson to Jacques Brel, from Ismael Lo to Lata Mangeshkar.
The only thing that is completely clear is, that she wants to transfer honest feelings and to set emotional states to music.

When she was 7 years old, she already wrote her own poems, because the power of words fascinated her as much as the fact, that imagination has no limits.
Meanwhile the poems turned into songs: writing is a need for Indila, a valve she can´t live without.

She writes and sings about her feelings, about what she sees and flees as often as possible into her own “Mini World” – a place where pain, sorrow and agony have are not tolerated

In 2010 Indila established contacts and worked with many people of the French rap and Hip Hop scene, like “Hiro” Soprano, “Thug Mariage” by Rohff or “Dust of Empire” by Nessbeal.
The collaboration with Youssoupha turned out to be the first highlight in her career: The song “Dreamin´” (January 2012) has instant success on YouTube – meanwhile it has over 16 million views.

In 2013 Indila finally signed with Capitol Records and began to work on her first album: „Mini World”.
Her maxim is: no limits for music and only listen to your own creative impulses to challenge the definition of what a song may be or not be, again and again.

Beside her inner feelings, she also relies on her producer Skalp, who totally complete her.
Skalp writes and produces, Indila does the lyrics and the melodies.

Mini World is the perfect entrance ticket to Indila´s world. A world with no genres, with tones that you never even think of again and for that, sound like pure nostalgia. These tones combined with contemporary beats are a mixture, which is completely unique and timeless.

World music encounters with French variety theaters and an overdose of Pop – everything could and should be thought of as one, until a tonal area is created, which is even bigger than the world

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